Our Mission

At Sisterhood Aesthetics, our team of highly skilled and creative professionals strive to provide you a friendly, personalized service.

Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one, and we strive to exceed your expectations.

Our space celebrates women in their real, most raw, authentic brilliance, who believe in themselves and are ready to step into the look they love.

We take pride in using the best quality products with some of the most natural and rich ingredients because we believe you should never expect less.

Jessica Sum-Siquina RN, BSN


Marisa Gonzalez RN, BSN

Hablamos Español!

Let’s TOX about it

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1 Syringe $600/$700

Lip Flip $125/$150

*Dental Block included at $25 extra cost with filler purchase*

Wrinkle Relaxer

$11/$13 per unit

$125/$150 Gummy Smile

Beauty injection syringe


Members: $700/syringe

Non-Members: ​$800/syringe

radiesse packages


The Boost: cheeks and mid face - includes 3 syringes of ​Radiesse and 30 units of Xeomin to be used where needed.

Sale: $2100

Originally: $2790

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The Balance: mid face, jawline, and chin correction -includes 4 ​syringes of Radiesse and 30 units of Xeomin to be used where ​needed.

Sale: $2100

Originally: $2790

pink dotted line border design

The Baddie!: full face correction - includes 5 syringes of ​Radiesse, 1 syringe lip filler, and 50 units of Xeomin to be used ​where needed. 50% off additional syringes of Radiesse if needed:

Sale: $4000

Originally: $5350

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Radiate with Radiesse

(Radiesse dilute package)

3 syringes of Radiesse to be ​used diluted 4 weeks apart:

Treatment 1) 1st syringe, wait 4 weeks

Treatment 2) 2nd syringe, wait 4 weeks

Treatment 3) final treatment!

Sale: $1800

Originally: $2400

All injectable treatment sales (such as, but not limited to Botox, dermal fillers, IV hydration, micro needling, PRF ​treatments, vitamin injections, weight loss program/injections, or packages) are final; refunds or credits cannot be ​offered once treatment is completed. Also, promotional discount will be forfeited if package is broken or not ​completed.

radiesse packages


The Boost: mejillas y parte media de la cara- incluye 3 jeringas ​de Radiesse y 30 unidades de Xeomin para usar cuando sea ​necesario.

venta: $2100

Originalmente: $2790

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The Balance: Corrección de la parte media de la cara, la línea ​de la mandíbula y el mentón - incluye 4 jeringas de Radiesse y ​40 unidades de Xeomin para usar cuando sea necesario.

Venta: $2800

Originalmente: $3720

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The Baddie!: Corrección facial completa- incluye 5 jeringas de ​Radiesse, 1 jeringa para labios y 50 unidades de Xeomin para usar ​donde sea necesario. 50% de descuento en jeringas adicionales de ​Radiesse si es necesario:

Venta: $4000

Originalmente: $5350

pink dotted line border design

Radiate with Radiesse

(Paquete diluido de ​Radiesse)

3 jeringas de Radiesse para ​usar diluidas con 4 semanas ​de diferencia:

Tratamiento 1) 1ª jeringa, esperar 4 ​semanas

Tratamiento 2) 2ª jeringa, esperar 4 ​semanas

Tratamiento 3) ¡Tratamiento final!

Vente: $1800

Originalmente: $2400

Todas las ventas de tratamientos inyectables (como, entre otros, Botox, rellenos dérmicos, hidratación intravenosa, ​microagujas, tratamientos PRF, inyecciones de vitaminas, programas/inyecciones de pérdida de peso o paquetes) son ​finales; No se pueden ofrecer reembolsos ni créditos una vez finalizado el tratamiento. Además, el descuento promocional se ​perderá si el paquete se rompe o no se completa.


Members: $700/vial

Non-Members: ​$800/vial

IV Hydration

Inner Beauty

Glow: fights acne, wrinkles, and ​tired skin from the inside out

Myers’ Cocktail

Wellness: The “gold standard for ​overall wellness”


Ease hangover headache, nausea, ​and dehydration

Members: $130/liter

Non-Members: $160/liter


Microneedling with Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a cosmetic procedure that ​involves using tiny needles to create punctures in the skin. PRF, which is derived ​from your own blood and contains a high concentration of platelets and ​growth factors, is applied to the skin during the microneedling process.

The combination of microneedling and PRF can enhance the production of ​collagen and promote skin rejuvenation. The treatment can help improve skin ​texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and even out skin tone. Additionally, PRF ​can help with faster healing and provide added benefits compared to ​traditional microneedling procedures. It is often used to address issues such as​ aging skin, acne scars, and uneven pigmentation.

Members: $400/session

Non-Members: $500/session

Add-On: $100 for Under eye PRF, Smile line folds (Nasolabial), or Hair ​restoration (scalp)

*packages available for purchase*

Sisterhood trio

(members receive $100 off)

what does it include?

Basic B****

NonsurgicAl nose Slimming with neurotOxin


Lips & chin

taxes are in

NonsurgicAl nose Slimming with neurotOxin


cheeks & LIps

trio babe

NonsurgicAl nose Slimming with neurotOxin


LIps, cheeks, chin


Nose Filler As dangeRous As it is, continues to be In dEmand. At ​sisterhood we strive in putting your safety first. So, we Have brought ​you a safe ALTERNATIVE! BotoX can be placed precisely In the depressor ​septi nasi muscle to help relax the muscles that make the nose ​“droopy”. In addition, we believe in facial balancing. This is where our ​signature mark was created: sisterhood trio.




+1 (503) 510-8135

Basic bitch $1400

taxes aRe in $1700

tRio babe $2200

*all packages qualify for our inhouse payment plan option $100 additional fee



trío de Sisterhood

(miembros recibiran $100 de descuento)

¿Qué está incluido?

Basic B****

Adelgazamiento nasal con neurotoxina


Labios y mentón

taxes are in

Adelgazamiento nasal con neurotoxina


labios y cachetes

trio babe

Adelgazamiento nasal con neurotoxina


labios, cachetes, y mentón


El relleno de nariz, por muy peligroso que sea, sigue teniendo ​demanda. En sisterhood nos esforzamos por poner su seguridad en ​primer lugar. Entonces, ¡te hemos traído una alternativa segura! El ​Botox se puede colocar precisamente en el músculo depresor del septi ​nasi para ayudar a relajar los músculos que hacen que la nariz se ​"caiga". Además, creemos en el equilibrio facial. Aquí es donde se creó ​nuestra marca distintiva: trío de sisterhood.



+1 (503) 510-8135




Basic bitch $1400

taxes aRe in $1700

tRio babe $2200

* Todos los paquetes califican para nuestra opción de plan de pago Tarifa adicional de $ 100

Now introducing our new

Sisterhood Weightloss Program

How does Semaglutide work?



Labs Needed:

-CBC, CMP, TSH, A1C, Lipid Panel

(Labs must be obtained within the last 90 days)

Absolute Contraindications:

-Pregnant or planning to become pregnant within 2 months


-Diabetics on insulin

-Thyroid cancer

Pricing (includes first 3 months, consultation & medication fee):

Semaglutide: $1,200

Tirzepatide: $1,575

Price change after week 12 (due to increase in medication)

How to book online:

-Select booking link above

-Select any provider

-Click consultations

-Select “Sisterhood Weight Loss Consult”

-Feel free to call/text with any questions


Five Stars Rating

“Sisterhood Aesthetics is absolutely amazing. They are always willing to answer any questions I have in such a prompt manner! They are highly skilled with an artful eye, which is so important in Aesthetics. Not to mention their services are priced right and they also offer in-house payment plans! They take great pride in treating their members with nothing but the best in services/products!”

-Alyssa Archuletta

“Im OBSESSED with sisterhood! These girls have built my confidence SO much and they are so thorough with their services and make you feel so safe and comfortable while getting injections! I have been going to them since they opened and won’t go anywhere else! I love these girls!”


“This ladies and gentlemen are amazing! I only went for botox service, and after seeing my results. That are amazing highly recommend 🏆I ended getting the whole package, lol. There prices are so affordable and not only that, they have payments plans. Which makes it easier for us! I love coming to sisterhood, always so welcoming, clean, and they explain every service with you. Thank you so much ladies and Brandon for what you do.”


Become a member

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Sisterhood Members receive discounted tox, filler, microneedling, IV hydration, vitamin B12 and many more!

To enroll into our membership, please sign up through Aesthetic Record here.

$100 monthly autodraft will accumulate in your aesthetic record wallet.

Whatever is in your wallet at the time of your appointment can be used and only the difference will be due.

$100 fee to sign up is required.

Wallet amount does not expire and can only be used at Sisterhood.

It is nonrefundable.

Meet the Owners

Jess & Marisa have been best friends for more than 14 years.

They have gone to high school, college, and nursing school together.

As their passion grows, so does their education as they both now enrolled in their Master’s Nurse Practitioner Program together.

Obviously, these two can’t do life without each other. After working in the ICU, they found a new passion with injectables.

Together they strive to live life to the fullest. After all, without sisterhood there would be nothing!


Brandon Goltzman MSN, FNP-C

Medical Director

Brandon Goltzman, is a board-certified nurse practitioner who earned his degree through Sonoma State University and completed his residency at Santa Rosa Community Health in California.

His background includes intensive care, family medicine and neurosurgery brain & spine.

He has a passion for esthetics and is excited to be a part of a hardworking and dedicated team who are devoted to helping clients achieve their best selves. In his free time, Brandon enjoys dining, traveling, hiking, biking and spending time with family & friends.

Mercedes Salinas


Mercedes Salinas is a 18 year old ​atte​nding community college.

She has​ a passion for caring for others a​nd will begin her nursing journey ​soon. She has aspirations​ to become an RN and the​n pursue her NP as well.

She​ enjoys sunny weather and exercis​ing. She is excited to be worki​ng beside​ her hardworking family!

Leslie Salinas


Leslie Salinas is 16 years old, and ​she attends Salem Academy as a ​sophomore. She enjoys doing nail ​art and aspires to become a pe​diatric nurse. Leslie enjoy​s doing makeup on her free time ​and her creativity is a great asset​ to our team. She is excited to wo​rk with her family and we’re exc​ited to see her​ grow!

Marisa Gonzalez RN, BSN

Owner & Injector

Marisa, as a nurse injector, lov​es working with clients to reach the​ir goals. Her favorite service to off​er is lip filler and sculptra! Her go​al as an injector is to make you fe​el and look beautiful in a safe a​nd honest way. She is current​ly pursuing her nurse practition​er degree alongside her bestie Jes​s. Any free time she has she spen​ds it with her dog Blue a​nd family/friend​s.

Jessica Sum-Siquina RN, BSN

Owner & Injector

Jess loves working really hard in ​every aspect of her life. She is ​currently injecting at Sisterhood ​full time, where she thrives with me​dical aesthetics. Her favorite tr​eatment is Facial Balancing! Jess is​ also a Nurse Practitioner student​ who will graduate in 2024! In her ​personal life, she loves to spend t​ime with her high school sweethe​art, their 12 year old son, 5 year ​old daughter & their golden-doo​dle! You will always find her w​ith her loved ones. The most impor​tant virtues that Jess values are​ loyalty & honesty.

Sisterhood Aesthetics, LLC

Salem Address: 2195 Hyacinth St Suite 190 Salem, ​OR 97305

Woodburn Address: 1585 N Pacific HWY Suite E ​Woodburn, OR 97071



Walk ins: 8:30am-11am

Appointment only: 1pm-6pm

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Disclaimers: Our providers retain the right to refuse care or service based on service provider's professional opinion.

If you must cancel, please give us at least a 48-hour notice. We will help you reschedule, and move your deposit once a 48-hour or more ​NOTICE is given.

If a 48-hour notice is not given for a cancellation/reschedule, deposit is lost.

Running late: if by the 10-minute mark you are not on the chair, the $100 deposit will be lost, and your appointment will be canceled.

Second reschedule means, deposit is lost and new one to book is required.

No show: if you no show, a $1OO FEE will be applied and deposit will be lost. you will have to pay another deposit to rebook.

All injectable treatment sales (such as, but not limited to Botox, dermal fillers, IV hydration, Microneedling, PRF treatments, vitamin ​injections, weight loss program/injections, or packages) are final; refunds or credits cannot be offered once treatment is completed. ​Also, promotional discount will be forfeited if package is broken or not completed and regular pricing will apply, along with cancellation ​fee for current service.